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"The Best New Idea in 2013"
  - Capio Partners at Committe of 100/ACA International (The Association of Credit and Collections Professionals)

"We utilized CCG in our practice, which had become stagnant. In 18 months, our net income has increased by 62%." 
  -  Dr C. E. Alumbaugh

"The training that our department participated in with Communications Coaching Group has been an asset to our department as I am certain it would be for yours as well."
  - James Sanders, Chief of Sulphur Springs Police Department

"Every business needs a personal coach because the hardest person to manage is yourself."
  -  Craig Johnson, Financial Advisor & Sulphur Springs Mayor

“A few months ago we decided to make an investment into some of the strongest, yet less-recognized assets of SRA, our personnel. We have already noticed improvements in the communication of our agents since investing in an alliance with The Communication Coaching Group. Dr. Richard Flesher, a linguistics coach and motivational trainer, along with his associate, April Bliss, conducted top-down training to all our staff from our president to our collectors. This creative, psychological-based framework provides an alternative to conventional communication and allows the user to develop an immediate rapport with the debtor, greatly impacting the way we conduct our business. We see this training as being a key component of the future of our agency, and also feel there is real benefit to be had for the enhancement of the consumer’s perception of our industry, and an area that has needed attention for some time." 
-  Steve Fuernstahl, COO, Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, Lombard, IL

"Dr. Flesher has been a very beneficial asset to our Capio Partners, with the teaching of new communication techniques, helping with self-awareness and self-discipline. In the collection industry we have a beautiful variety of people from all backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. As beautiful as multifaceted culture we have is, conflict is inevitable and learning the NLP communication techniques has worked wonders for not only our employees dealing with consumers, but us understanding and communicating with each other."
  -  Tanika Taylor, Capio Partnersre.