Sales training

This training is an outside-the-box skill-set presented in three levels. Each level provides a new skill set and the ability to better reach your customer.  The results will be loyal, long-standing customers who trust you to assist with all their needs.

advanced communication

This training is focused toward increasing performance through alignment of the vision of the organization with the everyday processes that allow a business to thrive. We help viewers to hear and understand with a deeper sense of awareness, focusing on the components of communication learned from modeling the greatest communicators in the world.

communication 101

You will develop a perspective that you can communicate in any situation with the tools learned in these trainings using NLP techniques.

Coaching Group



conflict resolution

Most important to dealing with conflict is understanding the components of connection. We will show you how undermining these components results in conflict and then how to re-establish connection and defuse conflict.

Collections without conflict

We will show you how to help clients to WANT to pay their bill using only your voice.  The end result for you will be a greater number of completed collections and a lower number of complaints - because you have done your job while making the client comfortable and happy!

customized training

We will customize a training specifically for your business needs, focusing on the areas where you would like to see improvement.

stress managment

NLP processes create a culture change that facilitates honest, open communication and leads to increased performance at all levels. The result is a reduction in conflict and stress. 

A COMPREHENSIVE MENU OF available trainings

personal coaching

Whether your needs are business or personally related, we will help guide you down the path that is right for you!

spiritual growth

Pastor or layperson, teacher or parishioner, we will help you learn to communicate with those around you to expand your spiritual world..