"We utilized CCG in our practice, which had become stagnant. In 18 months, our net income has increased by 62%." 

Communications Coaching Group can help you to learn how best to communicate with those around you to reduce the conflict in your lives and bring you greater happiness.

Dr C. E. Alumbaugh

We will help you to build yourself up, to feel better everyday, and to learn to relax while achieving your goals and feeling better every day.

OUR founders have a deep appreciation for and understanding of how to help. 

Our professional staff includes a group of people with a rich diversity of experiences, skills and understanding. We have special expertise in coaching for both personal and business.

We want to help you to achieve your spiritual goals through a better understanding of yourself and others and how to better connect through communication.

Whether your business is one person or 100,000, we want to share the techniques to help to take your service team to the next level. 

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  • On-site training
  • Personal Coaching
  • Web-based training
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  • Business Planning
  • Family/Religious Counseling

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